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Get 100 Customer Reward Points - Register As An Amway Customer

What You Need to Register As A Customer

Two Registration Processes:

There are registration processes for:

a) Residents of the United States of America, Canada or Dominican Republic (USA / Canadian Residents)

b) Residents of other countries worldwide (Non-US Residents)

Here's what you need to know to register as an Amway customer:

1.  Your referring Independent Business Owner (IBO) is Louis and Glenda Blake
2.  Their IBO number is 97955
3.  Their IBO Key is BLA
4.  Remember to sign up for AmPerks Customer Reward Program and get 100 points for registering as a customer.
5.  Louis & Glenda Blake are Independent Business Owners (IBOs) registered with Amway, United States.
6,  Louis & Glenda live in the Caribbean Country of Trinidad & Tobago, just off the Eastern coast of Venezuela.

For USA / Canadian Residents - Click the "To Continue" button below> when the website opens up > select "Become A Customer" >  select "United States" ; "Canada"; "Dominican Republic" as country, and use the information in numbers 1 to 4 above to complete your registration process.


For Non-US Residents: Here's what you need to DO to register as a customer:

1.  Get a freight forwarder / courier service with a United States (US) address: 

   (a) If you live in Trinidad and Tobago; I've been using and can recommend JSL Speedpak Services Ltd, which offers freight forwarding services out of a Miami, Florida US address. In this way I get products from Amway and other online suppliers in the US. I use their 'CMB Standard' which is a FREE service.  I only pay for freight and customs charges.  Click Here for more on JSL Speedpak Services.

  (b) If you live in any country other than the US, Canada or Dominican Republic, do a Google search for: "couriers near me" and check out and compare the services offered.  Remember the service must include a US address where products can be received and signed for on your behalf.  Sign up for the selected service and get a US address.

 2.  Click the "To Continue" button below> when the website opens up > select "Become A Customer" >  select "United States" as country, and use the freight forwarder US address to fill in as your address; then use the information in numbers 1 to 4 above; "Here's what you need to know to register as an Amway customer"; to complete your registration process.

To Continue - click here ›
After you register as a customer send an email to: and take the  following steps:

Enter the subject as: REGISTERED
2. Enter your customer name and # (number) and date of registration.
Send your email.
4. Give me 24 to 48 hours to send you an email from "The Vitamin Store" with subject Welcome Aboard.

In that email I will send a gift of a free eBook on a topic relating to health, wellness, or personal development.

Wishing you the very best.
Louis Blake